It’s Your Turn #1 Cutting Behavior in adolescent girl July 2, 2015


July 2, 2015

Welcome to the page’s new interactive feature called “It’s your turn,” where you get to be the therapist. FYI, all the situations are hypotheticals; no one’s confidentiality is compromised. Here’s the situation: you’re treating a 17 year old girl with cutting behavior and poor impulse control who “fired” her last therapist for telling her mother that she (the patient) was planning to snort heroin. Today, she (the patient) says she’s planning on seducing one of her teachers who she thinks has a crush on her.
You’re the therapist. What would you say or do?

There’s no one right answer. Most imaginative response wins a signed first edition of Intensive Therapy: A Novel. Feel free to share with your friends.



Jeffrey Deitz