For Writers

Tools, tips, and insights on the craft of storytelling

The relationship between reader and writer parallels the relationship between therapist and patient. Emotion holds story together, just like all important relationships. Understanding the emotional contexts within which writers’ develop story and characters, provides a framework for understanding how to adopt and present story in ways that connect powerfully with readers’ emotional lives. The writer who knows himself and appreciates the interchange between his and his readerships’ unconscious minds, establishes a bond and voice his readership will follow forever. Readers see the world in different ways and through different points of view.

For writers, many techniques exist that can be used to develop and deepen the relationship between writer and reader. Whether through character development, point of view, dialogue, or voice, making use of these techniques is essential to crafting a powerful narrative.

As both an author and a student of the psychology of story, I’ll be sharing insights techniques, and exercises to help writers become the best storytellers they can be.

Check back periodically for information about presentations and workshops.