Intensive Therapy

“Intensive Therapy provides an intimate picture of a multifaceted relationship, written in a similar vein to modern classics such as The Prince of Tides and Ordinary People. Cerebral but grounded in the real world, Intensive Therapy will appeal to readers who enjoy close character study and the pleasure of a heady, cultured read.Intensive Therapy follows the relationship of Dr. Jonas Speller and Victoria Schine-Bloch, an analyst and his patient, over twenty years in their interconnected lives. The story moves back and forth in time, alternating between the early 1980s, when both are becoming adults and professionals, and the last months of 2004, as each struggles to address ongoing family crises.

As a young woman, Victoria’s toxic relationship with her parents threatened her college education and her life, and Jonas helped her find the independence and strength to start anew. In return, her candor and insight helped the budding doctor see the flaws in his training and develop a new, better path. As mature adults with successful careers, Victoria reappears to ask for Jonas’s help with her troubled teenage daughter. When tragedy nearly takes the lives of both her children, Jonas must act quickly to save the woman who made him the man he has become.”


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Other People’s Music

“Sometimes you have to die in order for life to begin.”

Comedy-writer Jonathan Klaff has it all—family, fame, future—until he drowns one frigid night in Connecticut’s Saugatuck River. Resuscitated hours later, he wakes up a new man. Has he lost his mind? Or has he found it? Klaff needs all of his creativity to resolve his dilemma, along with some help from psychoanalyst Jonas Speller, who shepherds Klaff through the twisting path to his true identity. Told through Klaff’s voice, the reader experience first-hand what it’s like to be Jonas’s patient.