Jeffery Deitz

Photograph by Gregory Keith.

Jeffrey Deitz grew up in Baltimore, where he was a prize-winning instrumentalist at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. Between undergraduate and postgraduate years at Philadelphia’s University of Pennsylvania, Jeffrey graduated from Baltimore’s University of Maryland Medical School with an award for superior academic achievement. He spent the final three months of medical school conducting neuroscience research at Johns Hopkins Medical School. After psychiatry and psychoanalytic training in Philadelphia, Deitz and his wife moved to Connecticut, where he entered private practice, contributed widely to the professional psychotherapy literature, and conducted a series of seminars about the theory and practice of psychotherapy. He also participated in the psychotherapy research group at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine and taught psychopathology at a New York psychoanalytic training institute. In 2007, Deitz turned his attention to wider audiences when he began publishing in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, and other media outlets on topics including sports psychologysleep deprivation and the power of psychotherapy. He also contributed regularly to The Rail, the New York Times blog about horse racing, one of his lifelong interests. In addition to his writing and psychotherapy practice, Deitz is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at The Frank Netter School of Medicine of Quinnipiac University, where he lectures second and third year medical students on diverse topics. He also teaches long term therapy to psychiatrists-in-training at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City. Deitz and his wife JoAnn live in Norwalk, Connecticut. They have two grown sons who live in Brooklyn. Intensive Therapy: A Novel is his first book.


WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING…Intensive Therapy is a good read.  The characters are genuine and compelling.  You care about them from the first page of the book.  The story is complex and interesting and reflects how messy life can be, for all of us.  And not only is this a great book to read it inspired me to think about myself and my interactions with family and friends, to look inside and ponder.  I was sad for this book to end and happy knowing I am better for having read it.  Jeffrey Deitz has crafted a fine novel that you will want to read and have a hard time putting down.”                                                                 –Lori Lebas, Executive Walt Disney

I can think of few clinical vignettes in scholarly journals that even come close to the vividly compelling portraits of both a therapist’s and a patient’s experience that Jeffrey Deitz provides for readers of his novel, Intensive Therapy. Only a highly skilled clinician could have written this in-depth account of a therapeutic relationship. A great read both for people who practice psychotherapy and for those who are interested in understanding it more deeply.”                                                                 –Doris Brothers PhD, psychoanalyst and author of Toward a Psychology of Uncertainty and Falling Backwards: An Exploration of Trust and Self-Experience